Monday, November 30, 2009


I bought standard pillowcases a few months ago with the intention of doing some fun designs on them and never got around to it. I finally completed two over the holiday.

This first one is for Amanda who stayed with us over the holiday we brainstormed up things that reflect her and I drew up the design... of course I embellished a lot on the ideas so who knows how much it reflects her now-but it looks cool and she says she like it It started with the sparrow and then wanting to incorporate an "A" which turned into a mountain which then need a castle which then needed a forest and an ocean...

and every ocean needs a pirate ship.
Oh and the stars were a request... because stars are awesome
and Forests need fox's and mushrooms!

This second pillow is a gift for a much smaller friend. It's the same owl design I used on my other pillows with the branch switched up to be an initial. Hopefully I get the gift for her new little brother done soon so I can get this all in the mail...

I am loving that the quilt behind the pillow is the lovely one my mom sent me recently and it is made from bird themed fabrics... perfect for the pillow case!
I think the owl eyes are my favorite.

Tomorrow I will be back with shirts-- yes more crafting!


  1. Love the pillows!!!!!! You are such a clever girl!

    See ya in a few hours!

  2. How neat!!! I LOVE that one with the castle! Both are SO COOL!

  3. What can I say!!!!!!! You are amazing!!!

  4. Really cute idea! And the details as always are beautiful:)


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