Saturday, November 7, 2009

Because I love my husband

We went mountain biking this morning. This is the entrance to the path... I would say the widest the trail gets is a foot and the paths have cute names like Briar Patch...tell me you want to head into that in shorts!
It was a total blast. After an hour I was completely exhausted. And not a little torn up. I only fell twice... but twice was more then enough to do damage! I have lumps, bruises and scraps all over my legs and my right arm has a huge egg scrape that I am pretty sure will be blue tomorrow...
This is Uber in his helmet. He didn't damage himself today ... thanks to it! He totally hit his head on a low branch... I have no sympathy though.
These were taken in my favorite part of the ride... which was the short trek from the exit of the path back to the car... I told Uber I kept feeling like something was going to jump out at me after being on the trail... cement is just WAY too easy!
Here' s a picture of my calve.... I am very glad that it is winter and I will be wearing pants for a while... I have more pictures of just how messed up it really is ... but I think they are a little graphic for this site... so I am sparing you. It actually didn't hurt at all until Uber had to scrub the grease out of the cuts... let me just say if this ever happens to you don't try to stand up while someone inflicts that sort of pain on you... you get a little light headed... lol. I am really hoping it doesn't scar. I am going to have to make Uber a T-shirt that says 'I dig chicks with scars'.
Well I apparently still haven't gotten any crafting together to show you... it's going on... just very slowly. But I was told I needed to post something new (you know who you are). So here it is. YOU'RE WELCOME.
P.S. I made a scrumptious apple pie tonight... absolutely mouth watering ... I think I am going to have to have another piece!


  1. Hey Jessica. That looks like a fun day since the weather finally cooled off a little. But on the other hand the ewe, that leg looks like it hurts. I hope the pain is short lived since the bruising probably won't be.


  2. All of your cuts and bruises are badges of honor! :P But neosporin will help prevent scarring, and they have a pain relief formula to help take the sting out. Just incase you don't want your badges to be permanent.

  3. Sooooooo very glad Uber wore the helmet and didn't end up as Broccoli Boy. Sorry bout your bumps and bruises. I guess I havn't had one of my "bad" falls since you've been older but I thought I'd said that having oil and rocks scrubbed out makes me pass out. You probably thought I was exaggerating.. ha ha I'm thinking I won't be sharing this activity with ya'll...

  4. Wow! You must REALLY love your guy! I would not do that with my honey. No way, no how! I love him enough though... to get on the tandem with him and take a nice, easy ride on a nice easy trail. Preferably on pavement. ;) Oh, must mention that no one else may be on the trail. Because my honey likes to ride really hard to pass them up. EVERY TIME!

    Maybe now you can use your injuries as a reason to do some crafting?

    Hope there are no scarring! Try miderma! Over the counter scar reducer.

  5. Bad blogger commenter (me)! I'm behind:( That cut is nasty and falling at an older age is sooo not fun. You realize just how old you are. Glad you're ok.


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