Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ok so I'm a little late! We had a wonderful dinner of course no pictures but it was lots of fun. A lovely lady took us out for lunch along with her grandchildren so it was 8 youngens to one grown up... she had her work cut out for her keeping us all in line!
Friday we headed over to Roberto's house where he and Uber had dug a pit the previous day for some pit Bar-B-Que. Of course we did a little shopping and baking of pies first...
Wait I said we did a little shopping... by we I don't mean Uber. We had a college student friend staying for the holidays that did the shopping and baking with me. Uber headed to Roberts to make sure the grilling was in order... ahem.... We found them like this when we showed up. Supervising the grilling while watching a tv they had rigged up out a back window...
They were very proud of themselves and hey they made dinner so I'm not complaining!

A little peak at the meal. Pork shoulder and potatoes. Everything was excellent and they made sure the meat cooked to it's proper worries

I actually lucked out completely. I didn't have to cook a single dinner the whole weekend - just two pies. Saturday Uber did up a prime rib roast... to DIE FOR!!! He's a great cook I'm always excited when he gets on William's Sonoma and starts looking at recipes! Alright tomorrow I will have CRAFTING for you that's right CRAFTING can you believe that?!


  1. Hey Jessica. Happy to hear that you had a great Thanksgiving. The pig roast sounds fun and lucky you having Uber to cook for you. Looking forward to the crafts.
    Have a great week.

  2. Your long weekend sounds like it was a total blast!! So glad Amanda was able to visit with you guys, sounds like she really had a great time.

  3. See ya tomorrow and we'll create more fun!


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