Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween...How about a mini road trip?

Saturday we headed down to Tampa to see a hockey game with some friends. It was a total blast Uber and I hadn't been to a hockey game before.

There was only one fight though... which was a disappointment because there really should be at least one a period as far as I'm concerned!
Standard Uber taken picture... apparently these are needed even when we have people around to take our pictures... lol...

Here's Roberto again... he is a glutton for punishment! This trip was great it was the first time I haven't been the youngest in a group which means at least one, possibly two other people won't get the stuff Uber and Roberto are talking about... The little guy in the middle is 18!! I totally want to hook him up with my adorable cousin but then I realized she isn't in high school and more and may not be cool dating a younger guy since she is basically done with college... oh well...
This lovely couple are our newest friends who were cool enough to come hang out with 4 people they didn't know that well! Hopefully they will stick around after a weekend with us!
We had a birthday so there was embarrassing restaurant singing... I'm so glad it wasn't me : ) We found out that everyones birthday is within the next three months (but mine) so we'll have to see what other embarassing things we can get together!

I need to get undecorated for halloween and get some fall decorating done. Though I have no fall decorations... hmmm.... maybe I will just decorate for christmas. Do you think Uber will notice?
Crafting possibly to come later... possibly not.


  1. Hey Jessica. It looks like you and Uber and your friends had so much fun. Good idea leaving Jax on the FL/GA game weekend! Don't know if I told you but I'm having a fall giveaway. Stop by and enter.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  2. Glad you guys had a fun weekend! Love ya.

  3. I want to decorate for christmas now! I just know I'l be sick of it by Christmas..


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