Sunday, November 8, 2009

Coffee Cozy Tutorial

VERY IMPORTANT Printer Settings:
- This pattern must be printed on legal paper.
- Page Scaling: None
- Choose paper source by PDF size
13”x5” - lining fabric
8”x5” - exterior fabric
5”x5” - large patchwork fabric
4”x5” - small patchwork fabric
13”x5” - one-sided fusible fleece
Coordinating thread
Sewing machine
Coordinating embroidery floss
Coffee cup from your favorite coffee shop

Make your cozy:
1) Print and cut out pattern.
2) Cut out lining fabric. IMPORTANT: If your lining fabric is one-sided make sure to flip the pattern piece upside down.
3) Sew together your exterior fabric and patchwork pieces using the first two lines on the pattern as a guide. IMPORTANT Make sure to adjust your patchwork fabric if it has a pattern or is directional.
4) Cut out exterior fabric.
5) Trim pattern down to the second line.
6) Use new pattern to cut out fleece. IMPORANT You want to make sure the fusible side is facing the pattern.
7) Place fleece on the backside of your exterior fabric fusible side should be down. Center on fabric.
8) Iron fleece onto your exterior fabric.

9) Optional: Add embroidery. The fusible fleece will keep fabric from stretching.
10) Place exterior and lining fabric right sides together and pin in place.
11) -12) Sew along edge of fleece (do not sew on fleece). Leave the non patchwork edge open for flipping.
13) flip cover right side out.
14) Iron cover. Make sure all edges and corners are pushed out.
15) Fold in and pin open edge closed.
16) -17) Starting your seam along your pinned edge. Sew a 1/8” inch all the way around your fabric.
17) Pin pattern to cozy on patchwork side.
18) Loop your cozy. Match up the patchwork edge of the cozy with the last line on the pattern.
19) Slide out your pattern.
20) Pin together.
21) If you have a starbucks coffee cup on hand double check your cozy size adjust if necessary.
22) Hand stitch your cozy together. Hide your stitching.
23) When you get to the back flip inside out and continue until the overlapping material is completely enclosed.
Go out right away and order some coffee!


  1. I like the tutorial. Here in the land of I rarely buy coffee to go I may not use one so much, but you may have to have one waiting for me, for my visit...... I'll trade you for a coat.....

  2. I think this is really cute, am going to have to try it out, while I have cut back on my starbucks visits, they still happen, and i really hate the cardboard ones, just so not pretty! Hope you are recovered from the bike ride, your poor leg!!

  3. I agree (sadly. only becasue I want easier access to starbucks!) with Corinnea. But they are really really cute !


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