Monday, November 23, 2009

Kicking off the fall festivities

Well I didn't expect to disappear that long! But that is usually the way it goes. Not much has been going on around here just a lot of half finished projects strewn about my half clean house. I just finished up working a 12 hour day... yes that's right I know you are all sooo jealous of that statement... wishing you could all be cool like me! Really I am exhausted and should be doing ten possibly twenty other things right now so please disregard anything that doesn't make sense in this post!

We officially hit the beginning of our ridiculously busy holiday season this weekend which came at the end of our ridiculously busy pre-holiday season which came after a ridiculously busy whole year so really I am not even sure why I started this sentence... moving on.

We got the bikes back out this weekend... no my leg still isn't healed from last time but we hit the trails with people who bike regularly and found out that our previous ride on the beginner trail (according to the map) was slightly misguided because it was in fact NOT the beginner trail... lets just say this weekends riding was a LOT more fun and a LOT less scary for me. So no real injuries occurred (Uber did hurt his knee but he is going to have to do a lot more then that to get pity in these parts) however we did get to witness some lovely projectile vomiting from one of the guys who came... seriously mad skills on his part I honestly didn't know that much fluid could be stored in a person. And I wasn't the only one amazed so you know it was good!

Sunday we went to ' The Dirty Bird Thanksgiving: A Fowl Affair" gathering that a friend and his room mates were putting on. Seriously is that not the cutest name ever?! It was a total blast. They dug a pit in the front yard of a cool old house that they all rent in San Marco and cooked up Turkey, Goose, Duck, Game Hens and Quail. And just to clarify a few points for you guys the roof tiles were extras and the landlords do not like them.... oh and yes he did burn some of the hair off his arms!

The meat was scrumptious - seriously I don't like turkey and this stuff rocked! Why do we even bother with ovens?
And just for fun this dog was right about the coolest thing he was better at ping pong then the rest of us! He REALLY wanted that orange ball!

I know most of you visit here for crafting items so I am sorry there hasn't been much of that to post I am not even going to bother saying it maybe coming soon... I figure you'll have better luck of seeing something if I don't make any promises!
I will probably be pretty sparse around here for the rest of the holiday season. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


  1. You kill me! That bird bake looks yummy! Should you mention food and projectile vomiting in the same post????? just askin.

    7 days

  2. I sooo want to try food cooked this way! Or deep fried turkey. I don't care for turkey either. WHen I say that people always say, "oh, but you havne't tried my turkey"!. I assure them that unless it's cooked different (i.e. grilled, smoked in the ground, fried, etc.Can you gridll a turkey?)It'll probably taste like everyone elses. Maybe different seasonings and some juicier than others but really, you can't bake a turkey too many different ways! We're going to a shin-dig tomorrow and I only hope it's as much fun as yours appeared to be:)


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