Thursday, November 25, 2010

Good Food, A Baby and A Gift

We had a yummy lunch today! Jessica and Uber made Cornish Hens and grapes. It was gorgeous before, 
and after. Uber's parents were here too and between all of us cooking we had WAY too much just the right amount of food. There are even leftovers for tomorrow. 
I bought myself some lovely fall flowers.
I kissed this baby's face. Lots. 
I looked at this beautiful quilt as often as possible.  
This is my as yet undecided what to call it room. I'm not done in here yet, but it's coming along. I want the area above the fireplace to be a rotating art display. First up is this quilt, a gift from Kelly. I love it. LOVE

See the light fixture that features it so well? I'd been looking at something similar on Pottery Barn. During one of my many, many trips to Lowe's, Jess spotted this on the clearance shelf, $15.23. That find saved me $143.77. Maybe I should put that toward a fireplace makeover. A serious fireplace makeover. 
I love how the light makes this quilt glow!
Thanks Kelly, I may have said this already but I love it.


  1. I love cornish hen. I have a great recipe that involves a lot of soy sauce and the grill. Mmmm. I love the quilt over the fireplace! That is so awesome! I sniffled a little when I saw it in the pic! :) Ok, but what is hanging down at the bottom of it?? Happy Thanksgiving! I miss you!

  2. what a fun day!
    YUM that food was soooo good! I want more.
    The quilt is even better in person!

  3. We madeover our fireplace surround and mantle. You'll have to check out my FB before & after pics. I love the quilt over your fireplace. Very cool!! And the baby?? Oh so VERY cute!

  4. Ok, that quilt looks AMAZING over the fireplace. The lighting makes it glow. Love it!


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