Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ubers Birthday Party

Here is the front of the Birthday card I made for Uber

Mum threw him a Mexican themed party- which was hysterical and this is why I love my husband...
he's more than willing (in fact I would probably say happy to) rock a sombrero all night long! And how about Micah's face in the next shot... lol
Poor child is going to be sooo scarred!

I have SO many projects I am working on... can't wait to show them to you... one of them is trying to get Mum posting again- I tell you what people she is making stuff and holding out on you- lol!!


  1. It was a very fun evening! So glad he humored me...

    I will post in my own good time. Yer not the boss of me!

  2. Cool birthday theme! And the crazy baby look? Adorable!!!

  3. somehow in the past couple of days I stumbled across your blog and became a follower ... in reading this post I realized i've been following your mom's for a while. too funny ... and yes, she makes amazing things and should definitely post more often. from a Seattle girl married to a German living in Belgium :)


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