Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wow I'm a Slacker

I have a friend. She had a grandchild. He was born before my grandson. I made her grandson a gift. I never sent the gift. I am a bad friend.

I figure if I admit this and post it, I will be so ashamed that I will finally get to the post office and send it. There is no excuse for not getting it sent, other than I am being forgetful lately.  I think I need people, or at least an assistant. If this does not arrive on your doorstep by the end of the week please call and yell at me.

Oh and Joan, when you get it, you can see how far from perfect my sewing is! This blanket is wonky, but since it's meant to be drug around and loved I hope that won't matter! P.S. I'll put something in the box for you too!


  1. YEAH! you finally posted it! You have an assistant you just ignore her.... stop ignoring your assistant!

  2. Such cute items. I love your back packs. I'm sure you're friend will think it worth the wait!

  3. They are both so cute! The good news is the baby still has loads of time to enjoy it! :)

  4. That backpack is great! What a lucky kid. I am glad I am not alone in sewing procrastination. Perhaps we should start a support group?

  5. Oh man! OH man! OH MAN! You are SO, SO nice! The little chubbikin is gonna LOVE his back pack! How awesome are YOU!?! And the blanket is fantastic! The colors are so great! It's the colors that chubbikins momma put in his room! Perfect!

    Now I feel extra bad! (thanks Corinnea!) I thought about making something for Micah and then I thought "sheesh, joan, look who this child has for a momma and granny" and then I got so intimidated by that thought that I never got him anything! Talk about who's a bad friend now! Now I'm feeling even more horrid! I'm a badder friend! ;-(

    So, YOU are the good one of the two of us!

    Love you!

  6. Knowing all will be forgiven when the package arrives! Awesome gifts from a sweet lady!

  7. oh you are baaad! But yay you posted about it! The back pack is adorable!!! And the blankie looks yummy. So is it in the mail yet? I think you can print out postage and do everything without even leaving your home! Right?


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