Friday, January 28, 2011

Box of Chocolates Garland Giveaway *and the winner is*

 I want to thank everyone for participating in my giveaway and welcome everyone who is new- I hope you continue to visit because I have a lot of fun things planned! 

So without further ado the winner of the garland is~

The winner has 5 days to contact me or a new winner will be selected.

I really hate that I can't give everyone who entered a garland so I put together this tutorial for you and I hope you will make one for yourself! If you do please add it to my flicker group so we can all see!

Please do not sell anything made from this tutorial it was provided free to you for personal use only. 

Materials and Supplies
dark and light red felt*
white felt*
dark and light brown felt*
DMC Embroidery floss: (2) red, (2)brown, cream
4 feet brown grosgrain ribbon
1/8" wide brown ribbon - length of garland
pinking shears
hot glue gun

*wool felt or a wool blend felt work best for this project. If using acrylic it's best to use felt by the yard as opposed to the small sheets of the felt. Felt by the yard is a thicker product and will hold up better with the embroidering. 

Each heart will need two base hearts in addition to the top layer (if top layer is desired). Use one of the templates to cut out all three layers

 Use your scissors (or pinking shears) take the top layer and cut the heart smaller. Be sure to keep the shape of the heart consistant.
 Use your scissors to do the same to one of the base hearts. The heart you cut down will be used as your backing heart.
 When you layer your two base hearts they should look like this.
 The three hearts should now look like this.
 Take the top heart pair (on the left) and embroider as desired
Below are some ideas for decorating. 
*Helpful hints*
My personal preference is to use all 6 strands of the embroidery floss.
On the undecorated cream hearts  I use 3 layers since the cream felt is slightly see through

 When you have finished decorating all of the hearts, lay them out making sure the garland will look well balanced when its completed.
To prepare the ribbon. Sew 1/8" ribbon through the grosgrain and tie it off.
 Using your hot glue gun pipe a line across the top of the heart. Make sure to put the knotted ribbon far enough into your heart that the backing will cover it.
 Pipe hot glue onto the backing heart and let cool for just a second,
 then sandwich your ribbon so all of your thread and ribbon is covered.
 Continue adding hearts to the ribbon until the garland reaches the desired length. Repeat the ribbon tie off on the opposite side of the garland.

Start decorating!
And please don't forget to add your project to insanely crafty's flickr group so we can all see!


  1. Guess I need to start on mine now!! Very nicely done Jessica!

  2. ah bummer! But at least I can make my own now:) Thanks!

  3. Congrats to the winner! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  4. Congrats to the lucky winner! And the tutorial is great! But, I'm pretty sure that no matter how much I'd like to have one of these, I'll never get it made.
    Blah. But, I'll down load the tutorial anyhow, cuz you never know........ :-) Thanks Jess


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