Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So, My Sister Broke Herself......

There's nothing worse than being far away when someone you love gets hurt. Though I am closer, it's still too far. Since I didn't ask Sherie's permission, all I will say is, day before Christmas, ski, fall, new knee. Needless to say, she is bummed. We are bummed for her.

We were talking one day right after, and on that day the thing which made her most angry was not being able to carry her coffee and use her crutches. Yes, my sister and I rival for who drinks more coffee. Our mom is right up there with us. I really win because I can drink it at night.

I was wracking my brain about what to do for her from so far away.

I was in the process of making some bags for a really great charity, a quilt for my mom, a quilt for baby MAC, and other stuff. So...... a lot of sewing which I will try to show shortly but nothing for Sherie.

I wracked my brain some more about how I could make it easy and cute for her with the crutches. Then I came up with a cute name..... Crutch Clutch........ too cute?... um, yeah..... but no product.

Then she demanded something, anything that would make it easier for her. My sister never demands so I knew then and there the depth of her despair. Then I panicked. Then it clicked and I had it.

This is really just a prototype. It could have been better but my mom leaves today and that's how I'm delivering it.
 The taller bucket like bag is for a travel mug, but she can use it for whatever. Yarn and needles for instance? I used clips for sturdy, but easy on and off. Have something with a bit more weight? No problem.

I quilted it for insulation, body, and fun. Somethings should be fun. Especially when the reason for them is not.
How do you make a small bag for someone who normally uses a big purse? I have the same purse. I am not sure how I would do without it. I tried to think of the things I might want and where they'd fit. I realized I would need a pouch within the pouch, so that's what I gave her.
 On one side there is a strap for carrying around the wrist or to use for keys, or both. On the other side is an easy clip for it to be attached to the  crutches. I put the zippers in so when she is hanging onto the bag attached to the crutch, she can easily unzip and zip each pouch without much trouble....... hopefully.

Sherie let me know how they work. In the mean time remember there is love and thoughts for a quick recovery in every stitch!


  1. Aww, poor Sheri. But, lucky Sheri for having such a great sis to make her lovely, useful things to cheer her up!

    Those look fun and cheerful! Crutch clutch... Ha! Love it! ;-)

  2. they are so cool I know she is going to love them!

  3. I want these without going through the injury thing; I do enough of that already! As for the coffee at night dear daughter; I also can drink it up until going to bed and it not bothering me. I hope you haven't jinxed me for being able to do that too....if so, I will be cranky (crankier)......<3

  4. "having" it not bother me.

    (I hate to be corrected by my daughter specially when she 'snickers' at my mistake)

  5. having spent a fair amount of time on crutches because of skiing accidents...these rock! what an awesome sister and inventor you are!

    here's to a productive rest of the week for you! and healing for her!

  6. WOOT!!!! These are so amazingly awesome Sis, the bucket bag for coffee, just brilliant, my family has been carrying my coffee around for me, they are on the verge of annoyed about it, PLUS it can hold yarn, seriously I am so excited about this I alomst cant stand it, and the cluth is perfect, just what i was needing, I will be the envy of the orthopedic floor, it will hold everything! Thank you so much for all the thought and effort you put into it, makes my knee and my heart feel better.

  7. Oh poor Sherie!!!! Man. Ouch. Those crutch clutches are way awesome though! Very well thought out!

  8. oooh, clever design! THOSE are the clips I'm looking for (for my toddler travel seat)... where oh where did you find them?

  9. How nice...and thoughtful! I'm sure she's going to love them. I do anyway!

  10. Super cute!!!! Does that little pouch come out of the big pouch?? I've thankfully never had to use crutches but i can only imagine how irritating it would be! I think you all may have a problem if you need to carry your coffee around. I'm just saying...can't bear to set it down? You must pee a lot too!

    I'm so happy to see you posting but please don't get crazy and post all your new stuff at once!! Stretch it out! Don't you love it when I tell you how to blog? I know we've all missed you and your clever stuff:)

  11. These are great. I love how you've put the fabric together and the choices you've made. These would make lovely gifts - especially if crutches and injury were entirely optional ;-)

    I hope your sister mends quickly and has a happy healthy rest of 2011!

  12. As much as I'm sorry for your sister - how lucky is she to have a sister like you! Really clever ideas, those two bags. I hope for a speedy and full recovery of your sister - and Happy New Year to you and your family !!

  13. What a thoughtful, loving sis you are. Such sweet projects are sure to be a blessing while the need is great! :-}pokey

  14. Oh, by the way, I too can drink disgusting amounts of coffee waaaaay into the night and still be able to go to sleep. Of course, I end up getting up several times to trot off to the loo! But hey, at least I can fall right back to sleep until the next trip! ;-)

    (Just thought I'd mention that!) ;)


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