Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Garden Tuesday - Millipede

I'm thinking you all must believe that I have the buggiest yard ever. I can't help it though, I find these creatures so very interesting. Well, there are some that are just gross, like the pile of slugs I found the other day, no worries I won't show that, but this one is interesting. This guy was in a overgrown shrub that had to be removed. They are normally nocturnal so I guess we disturbed his slumber.  
They are beneficial to the garden so we left him to find a new home.
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  1. Oh wow it's huge. We get millipedes over here, but they're tiny by comparison. Not much fatter than a doubled over length of cotton perle

  2. Oh my gosh. Ick. I know they are beneficial, but things with lots of legs give me the creeps. Worms and snacks I'm fine with (no legs), but these things...

  3. I have never seen a millipede that large before--wow!

  4. I just shivered. Blech!!! Is it the photography or is that thing huge? Are they not poisonous?

  5. Quite a handsome fellow (lady?) with those stylish orange legs--all umpty dozen of them. How big is it?


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