Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reversible Dress In The Most Awkward Way

During the time when we weren't blogging because other things were going on, I was still managing to sew some. I'm not sure it was wise operating machinery and all.... and obviously, judging from these pictures, I've forgotten how to use my camera. Just sayin, I know they are sort of blurry and all that. 
Jess and I started this one day when we weren't thinking with even one brain between us. We wanted it reversible, she suggested just binding it, I wanted to make two sided piping, she didn't want the buttoned shoulders that the pattern (old pattern) called for. We thought, we'll just sew it together and flip it right side out!! Those of you using all of your brains will know why we were wrong. You can't do that unless you leave the sides of the dress completely open. See it has that criss cross thing going on.
Silly us. 
Now we know what we already knew.
We laughed at ourselves. 
Then I preceded to hand-sew the sides of the dress together.
The End. 


  1. This dress is always going to make me laugh... Definitely didn't have one brain between us... but it was funny ... later... and it turned out so cute!!!

  2. It's adorable! Love pink and grey. Those colors will always remind me of 6th grade camp! I love these old designs too. I have one of these patterns in my stash. WIll you make a diaper cover too?

  3. It's a gorgeous dress though. If you could just whip one up in my size now...

  4. What!? I thought sewing without a brain was standard procedure! Have I been doing it wrong all this time? (Love the dress!)

  5. aw, this dress is adorable and will be even cuter with a little belly under it. totally can't tell where you hand sewed, btw. you are a sneaky stitcher.

  6. Oh it was worth the hand sewing! cute!! Yeah, fully lined = not fun. :)

  7. Corinnea that reminds me of a dress you had when you were little...or Sherie had. Somebody had It!


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