Friday, April 27, 2012

Micah's Room

So this is way too many pictures... but whatever I LOVE the way his big boy room turned out so you will just have to deal with it! 
It's not too different from the nursery everything that Isabella doesn't need stayed with him. But there is a whole lot of new stuff- most of it things we (or someone... ahem... grandpa) already owned  and they all made their way into his room to make one super fun kids room. We decided (Uber talked me into) not to paint anything since it's a lot of work and he would have been the one doing it, so this is the reason for the builder grade white/cream walls... I do miss color... but it's temporary and left more money for some new fun things!

I just have to say this toy shelf is looking really empty ... but that is only because if you could see the living room when these pictures were taken he had dragged everything out and strewn it all over ... so don't feel bad for him and think he needs toys!
 Yes it's a bear rug in a child's room. It's awesome and he LOVES the thing so why not!
 Dad's Zebra window is finally getting the amount of light it's always deserved. This west facing window gets crazy sunlight so the black in the Zebra gives enough shade that I leave this window open all of the time. There is so much sunlight in this house compared to the town home. 
 The mischievous boy ran through while I was taking pictures-- can you tell which ones were taken after his arrival? 
 Transitioning him to the bed turned out to be relatively stress free - of course Uber took care of it so really I don't know first hand - haha - there is usually a safety rail there I just removed it for the pictures. Also do you see all of his quilts? This boy is spoiled!
 Have you noticed the gondola? That is another Grandpa addition it's really awesome and it moves and has little passengers which thrills Micah.
 The Art Wall - this has been the project I've been waiting to complete before showing you his room. I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE IT! It turned out better then I could have imagined

 Uber and I might have more fun playing with it than Micah does.
 I'll give more details as to how we made it next week sometime.
 I'm guessing anyone who reads our blog also reads Crafterhours but just in case you don't I want you to know these awesome vinyl clothing stickers are totally Susan's idea she even sells them here. But since I have a silhouette and vinyl on hand and needed a few icons she doesn't have I tryed making some myself... though now that I look again at her pj's I think I may want to try again- much cuter! I was working off her first version as inspiration no pj's there... Or maybe she will decide to add swim trunks and shoes and I can just order them from her? She has lots of neat colors... colors are more fun then black! 
These are meant to help his dad find Micah's far he really likes them!
Well that is it for Micah's room I will try and get posts together for the rest of the house asap. Maybe I can even get mom to show you the craziness that they have accomplished at their house- tons and tons of projects- and she hasn't shown you a single picture! Yes that's right I am tattling!


  1. wow, that gondola is pretty much the best thing ever. and I'm totally digging those little chairs, the map, and the tree stump ottoman. i want to live in this bedroom! lucky boy.

  2. Never too many pictures; I'm wanting more! What a wonderful room for that lucky little munchkin! I want to come play with the art wall.

  3. Awesome Jess! Obviously the bear rug was the first thing I saw, but the gondola was second! That's really cool! Great job on everything!

  4. What a great room for Micah, and no never to many pictures. The bear rug is awesome, and the creative place makes me want to have one in my house for when the kids come over. Thanks for the inspirations.

  5. I adore this room! Soooooooooo cool and he will always remember this I bet. What kid has a bear on his wall? Emily would love this too! I love the new art wall. I want to see the baby;s room too! Come on already!

  6. The gondola! So coooool! Well, there's a long list of cool in this room. But the gondola was the first thing to get my attention. So cool.

    Love your stickers! Maybe I need to add a custom option for other drawer items. :)


  7. He is a lucky boy with such crafty parents and grandparents. Very fun.

  8. What fun - I bet he does love that bear! Thanks for linking up!


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