Monday, April 30, 2012

The rest of the house

Thanks for all of the love on Micah's room. I personally want to move in so I'm glad everyone else feels the same way-- he better watch himself! Isabella's room is getting closer.... I am very frustrated that I am not done yet! I just can not find what I am looking for... soon hopefully... her room is really lame compared to Micah's!

So much work crammed into one post! My goal with this move was to get everything done (good enough) before the baby arrives because I figure I am not going to do it once she's here. We signed a 24 month lease so we're already down to less then 22 months - unless we decide to stay longer which who knows - but I didn't want to be working on this place I just wanted it together so we could live in it and focus on more important things like having 2 kids and craft projects in my soon to be uber limited spare time. This is a big change for me since we constantly worked on the townhouse and I always had a list of wants going there. But I am embracing it. As I mentioned in the last post Uber even talked me out of painting (it would have made an awesome difference in this place!) and I am actually ok with it. Which is a good thing because it's not happening now that everything is hung up! 
So moving on I showed our floor plan here.
The condo runs somewhere in the 1650 sq ft range, which is roughly 250 sq ft larger than the town home and all on one level (amazingness). The room sizes on the floor plan are somewhat questionable to me... not sure where they decided some rooms begin and end since their measurements don't match the walls measurements but the layout of everything is correct. 

First up entry way- This space is huge. I am currently looking for an inexpensive solution to put under the cork board. It's the last thing on my list of 'needs' for the place. I had a desk there but Uber thought it was too big so we craigslisted it. I would really like a tall narrow-ish table but a bench might work too... so far haven't found anything I love though. 
 This kitchen is huge- about 1 1/2 the space of the last one and yes there are two pantry's -- the one on the right holds craft supplies :) 
 The dining room is supposed to be over in the corner - but there was this huge wasted space infront of the kitchen so I decided to put the dining table there and use the dining nook for my new crafting space. I LOVE having a space! It's fun because it's in the living area so I don't feel stuck in a room away from everyone. And because of this I use it all of the time! And I don't have my stuff all over the dining table anymore like before (which makes Uber happy) 
 After a lot of research Mum and I went down to Ikea and picked up the work space. It's 2 - 24" base cabinets with an 8' counter top. Instead of raising it up on legs we just left it floor level. It ends up being a little taller (I think around 32") then a normal table height but for typing and sewing it's kind of nice because I don't hunch as much as I used to. Mom got the same set up for her craft room (one of those things she hasn't shown you) so maybe soon we will fill you in on her work space! Meanwhile I really need to get on Uber about hiding my cords... 
 There are two projects in this picture I never showed you all- one the mat under Micah's chair - I made it to save the carpet, it's awesome! You can buy them but I just used laminate and binding I had around. Why do people carpet eating areas?!
 The second thing is my Easter garland- which I guess I will show you next year. It turned out super cute...I never got the chance to blog about it and I really need to get up there and take it down! I made patriotic garland for Memorial Day/4th of July and I need to get that up and show it to you!! I really want to have garland for every holiday- it's such fun punch of color to add to the room. 
 I LOVE the living space it is so open and bright. And Micah is passed out on the couch he likes to sleep like that... 
 The lanai- which is just a fancy word for screened in porch. We love this space it's smaller then our previous lanai but it stays clean since we are on the second floor and it doesn't have an A/C unit  so it's quiet! Micah likes to play out here and shout and wave at people. 

 This is the kids bathroom. 
 I would still like to add more color in here but we will see if it ever happens. It's the only room with no natural light. 
 Master Bedroom- It's so large, actually the whole Master Suite is, which is really unnecessary but oh well. 

I have some pictures of Isabella's room... need to get a few more things done. I am having a really hard time with the blah walls in her room... I think it's because it's a new room and unlike the others that were already similar at the other house I can't look as easily past the lack of color. Add to that the 9ft ceilings and not being able to find things I like enough to purchase it's been slow going. Poor child is already a bit neglected : )

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! 


  1. Thanks for the pictures. I like being able to picture where ya'll live. :) I like how open and airy it is. Very pretty. That kitchen is so huge. Will be waiting for more.

  2. Love your new place. I'm sure Isabella won't hold it against you because her room is not done :)


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