Thursday, February 14, 2013

Architectural Letters Tutorial

So I didn't plan to do a tutorial but I did snap a few pictures in progress. So hopefully they will give you enough information to get yourself in trouble! 
I used:
Mat Board
Card Stock
Tissue paper
Glue Gun
Tacky Glue
Sparkly Modge Podge

Pick your font and Blow it up to the size that you want your letters to be. I used Arial Black at around 600pts. Print and use them as a template to cut out two sets of each letter from your mat board
 Next cut a bunch of 1 inch strips out of card stock and accordion them. Using the hot glue gun attach them to one side of the letters.  
 Then attach the top

Now I don't have pictures of this next step. But you take additional one inch strips and using the hot glue sparingly attach the strips around the outside of the letters overlapping the edges. It should look like this when you are done

Now the fun part. Water down your glue and decoupage the tissue paper onto the letter forms. I did about 4 layers. Letting in dry between each layer 
 Paint it to your color preference and then seal it with modge podge 

Of course swap out any of the materials for things you have in your house- cardboard, newspaper, starch... 

Let me know if you try it out I would love to see what your make!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Now we know. :)

  2. So doing this next week, thanks for figuring this out for us!!!!!

  3. You are cray cray! They look fantastic! I didn't know that was tissue paper. I thought they were painted but I like the tissue idea!

    1. They are painted. I used white tissue paper to decopage/paper mache them because that was what I had in the house. News Paper would actually work better/faster but that required shopping...

  4. Cool! Did you have any trouble with the curvy letters?

    1. No they really weren't at all difficult to make. They just took a little time.

  5. Those are so are so clever. Love them. Oh how I wish you guys lived closer.


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