Monday, February 4, 2013

Playing Dolls

I was despairing over finding Bella a decent baby doll. Of the non creepy sort. Baby Dolls are incredibly personal so I am sure that some of you might disagree with me on what I find acceptable. I had a cabbage patch doll that unfortunately had a tragic death when Brinkley chewed her face off, I loved her. She was bald and blue eyed. 

Unfortunately those dolls have been redone and are kind of ugly now. Luckily I have an awesome Mum who went on a hunt for Isabella's Christmas present and found this version (and let me just say I was creeped out searching for them because the ones with hair are soooo very not right) and she did a little recon to make sure neither of them had hair and they even have blue eyes. The only down side is that they are mini.... and they were dressed hideously... as in so bad I had naked dolls for a while. So I whipped them up some clothing the other day. 

I used stash fabric left over from previous baby shower gifts and made little diapers. 

And for size reference this was a newborn onesie that I took apart and remade in miniature. Also it just dawned on me that you can see the inch marks behind the doll... duh...

I still need to make at least one more outfit- though why I feel the need to have clothed dolls when my kids are half naked most of the time I will never know.

I'm not planning to go all doll clothes making crazy on you guys- promise! But is this even interesting? Or should I just keep this to myself?


  1. Interesting! I just like to see the things that you make. :) I know what you mean about creepy dolls, a lot of them are just weird.

  2. I liked cabbage patch as a kid too. Haven wasn't really into dolls so we didn't have to many. Go doll clothes crazy if you want! We won't judge!

  3. They are so cute and what a fun sewing project.

  4. 1st: don't ask, just post. You could post a spray painted nail and it could inspire someone, you NEVER know. So now on to the doll clothes. I love the onesie refashion! I think that's an awesome idea. I might give it a try.... I had a cabbage patch doll when I was young and loved her. She had reddish hair. can't remember her name but she was born in October like me so I loved her! Make more clothes for them! I re sized an infant pattern on the copier to make doll bloomers once. Oliver+S re sized on the copier would be adorable. Now my wheels are turning... see! You inspired when you thought no one would like your post!

  5. I care too! Corrie had a cabbage patch named Wilson she loved so much, he was bald with blue eyes, Wilson survived Tay which is saying a lot! Love the baby doll clothes!


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