Wednesday, February 13, 2013


We don't really do Valentines day around here. Usually a fun dessert is all but I love the decorating part, it goes up when I take down Christmas  This year I added the architectural LOVE letters. I decided to save the roughly $20 and make them completely from supplies around the house. It was actually super easy and fun. I did splurge on sparkly Modge Podge (totally worth it!) 

(please pretend I dusted and straightened... or don't lol) 
oh and I found some Red and Pink lights for the Tee Pee- the kids love having lights in there! 
 Last night I made another Hopscotch top for Isabella out of an old GAP tshirt that I had laying around. It took an hour from first cut to finish. I reused the hems to save time. This shirt is so much fun to make and is just so cute! 
 I wanted to get a cute picture of the kids together but instead I got a bunch of them being goofy. But there my kids so I don't know why I would expect anything else. I love these two crazy faces!
 Bella is growing up so fast. 
Who does she think she is?!?


  1. I LOVE the teepee and would like one for me! Great pictures too x

  2. I'd say you got lots of great pictures of the kids!! And I'd love to know how you made those letters!

  3. Love those babies! How about a tutorial on how you made the letters, want to do some of our last name, they are really cool!

  4. You can't say you made something with the stuff lying around the house and not say how you did it!! That's posting 101! Just kidding. But I am interested in what you used. I probably would have bought the paper mache letters at Joanns because they are cheap but I would like to see your creativity at work (as in what/how you did it). I want to eat your children. Especially the chubby one.

  5. The kids are so adorable! I like all the stuff you made too!


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