Monday, February 11, 2013

From my Garden - A Case of Mistaken Identity

I cleaned out my garden in anticipation of Spring. Under the leaves of a rogue kohlrabi, I found this snail. I have never seen anything like it. It was a little over two inches long. Was..... This is where a little knowledge can make you feel really dumb. 
I did a google search for snails in FL and the first thing to pop up was the dreaded GALS aka giant African land snail. You can read up on them if you'd like. Let's just say, the article made me glad I was wearing gloves. This was the size of a young one. The GALS have been known to get up to 8 inches long, reproduce quickly, can destroy entire gardens and eat concrete (really??). Can I hear an EWWWWWWW?!
You are also asked to immediately report and possible siting of one of these gruesome creatures. Being completely grossed out and kinda scared the civic minded person I am, I contacted the Florida Dept of Agriculture, sent them a picture and told them I had killed it just to be safe. 
Oh how she must have chuckled. 
This is not a giant African land snail.
This is a rosy wolf snail. 
It's carnivorous.
One of the things is eats is....wait for it..... yes, the giant African land snail!!
I just killed a full grown awesome snail that doesn't eat plants but eats the snails that can devastate a garden.
When I saw the pictures of them together, the difference was obvious.
Now I am sorry and sad. I will continue to wear gloves gardening, just in case, but I will try to be more careful about jumping to conclusions. It's hard sometimes, the creatures here can be kind of icky.
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  1. Oh, thank you for one last good chuckle before bedtime! I'm so sorry for the snail...this was a great learning experience! Enjoy your garden.

  2. Ick. Snails are cool and all, but they just should not get that big. Sorry for the snail, but at least now you know!

  3. Snails are so icky!! I don't kill them because I don't even get that close to them. AND "Giant" and "snail" are two words that do not belong together ever!

  4. I am still chuckling, but agree with you . Snails are icky, I hate the yellow banana slugs here in Washington. They are so big and slimy.

  5. Fun post! Made me smile. Very good to see a Tuesday garden post again.

  6. I don't know what's more frightening, the garden desecrating snail or the cannibal snail that eats other snails! Your garden is scary.

  7. Yuck, yuck, yucky! Even if it was a "good guy" in the garden...I'm afraid it would have been squished or tossed at my house, too!!

  8. The snail does look pretty and you aren't that dumb until I read your post I had no idea that you could get carnivorous snails!

  9. I too loved this post. Too funny and so something I would have done. I hate the "turds on the run" here in Germany. They are slugs not snails but still. and they look like turds...

  10. This just made me laugh....I know I am laughing way after the fact but sometimes I have a hard time catching up.


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