Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crafting for Uber - Bike Bag

Uber bikes almost every weekend. When we had a garage he had a spot to stash all of the paraphernalia that comes with riding. Now that were in a condo it all seemed to be spread from my parents house through both of our vehicles and in random places around our house. This was super frustrating-not only for me but also for Uber because he constantly didn't have things he thought he did. 
So I made him a present- a Gear Bag.  
of course it had to be pretty- but also masculine. I'd been hoarding this wood grain fabric forever

The bag is fully lined, drawstring closure, squared bottom
I cut the bike out and steam-a-seamed it on. Then stitched around it rather crudely. The spokes still have bits of paper in them since I used paper to guide where I should sew the spokes. 
He really likes it which is a relief. It gets constant use. I think its around 15" x 20" big enough to fit biking shoes, helmet, glasses, camel pack and other various riding gear. And bonus for me I love looking at it and it hangs on the inside of our laundry room door. 


  1. Sew very creative! I love the bike and the spokes are amazing! Great job!

  2. You are so good!!! Great idea. I wonder if all the biking people here would be interested???? Should post this blog on FB???

  3. Neat idea! Your appliqu├ęs are always so awesome!


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