Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome spring, how about a giveaway?

Here in Northern California, it is definitely spring weather, it shouldn't be, but it is.  Things are popping out of the ground, blue tulips I cant wait to see, and the trees are getting teeny tiny leaf buds.  It's just a tease but it feels so good.  I asked my sister Corinnea, how 'bout a giveaway on the blog and she said yes! (Corinnea here - I also said I wanted to keep it for myself) So here you go, spring reminds me of purple pansies, and purple tulips, my most favorite flower, and purple iris which remind me of my Mema, and this Holden Shawlette.  Made from Malabrigo sock yarn, the color and feel of it is just so right.
Its just such a "wearable" pretty thing.  Since all of us here at Created Blissfully love all of you out there who follow, we are giving it away to one of you. If you don't follow us yet, would you like to? Either way, just leave a comment on this post about what you love about spring, and my lovely sis will use her magic winner picker generator to see who gets it! Comments will be left open until Saturday morning February 16th and announced on Monday. Please, please make sure you are not a "no reply blogger".
For any knitters out there, you MUST make this, it's the Central Park Hoodie and it is hands down my most fav thing I've made. Such a great pattern, it seriously gets worn all the time.  There is just nothing like a really cool cable sweater....
It has a hood.  Major love.  This one is made from Ella Rae Camelsoft yarn which is super warm and surprisingly soft.  There may be yarn on its way here to make another one for my sis,(Corinnea here - Acck! I can't wait!)(Jess here- AHEM, me too??) and more yarn on my desk for another one for me. My daughter wants one too. She never wants any of my knits, so I know its a keeper.
Now, to wrap up this all yarny post, is this guy, its pretty, but Oh. So. Not. Practical.  Its made from pure alpaca, the center is made of a cria alpaca yarn that I attempted to dye in a range of green, dying yarn is very fun but is also harder than expected, the purple is a pure alpaca that contrasts so well with the green.
It's a crib sized crocheted granny square, and would be so cuddly to wrap a little boo in, you just have to be willing to hand wash and dry flat, which is where the not really practical part comes in. It also reminds me of everything lovely about spring, the colors and the coolness of the air which just begs for a blanket like this.  Now, its time to go see if my tulips leaves have gotten any taller today!

Much Love,
Things to remember..... Comments open until Saturday morning February 16th. One entry per person (any duplicate entry will be removed.) We would love, love, love it if you followed us (click the join this site button on the right side bar) but this is not a requirement. Make sure we have a way to contact you! And PLEASE spread the love and let others know about our giveaway.


  1. I may hide the Shawlette; she can't send it away if she can't find it!!!!!

  2. Woo-hoo!! I love giveaways!!! Love the shawl! And the sweater! And the pillow! You guys are TOO creative!!! And my favorite thing about spring??? Just the fact that it IS!! <3

  3. I follow via Google Reader :). My favorite flowers are daffodils which only bloom early spring. Spring also means strawberry season is right around the corner.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Hi Sherie! Your knits are beautiful!!! I love the hoodie! My favorite thing about spring is the idea of new life. It always makes me feel fresh and ready to start something new!

  5. Squee!!! It's beautiful! Are you sure I can only enter once? ;) And, uh, do me a favor please, and send some of that spring-time goodness on over to us!

  6. Ladies you are all so very talented. The shawl is gorgeous.

    1. Cfemme we would love to count you in on the giveaway but have no way to get reach you if you win. Please reply with an email.

  7. We need some spring here baaad! I'm so happy to see you on created blissfully Sherie! You should do it more often:) And then get your mom to guest post..

  8. Thank you for your creative joy, and the beautiful shawlette! I am glad for the opportunity to own such a pretty item. Spring, well, I saw my first daffodil bloom this week, and it immediately put a smile on my face ~

  9. What I love most about spring is all the growing plants - everything is green and fresh and blooming!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  10. Wow the scarf is gorgeous and I love the purple colour. It reminds me of another spring flower I absolutely love: The Violet. Love the hoodie too. Is there anyone lacking creative talent in your family?

  11. My son's birthday in April is my favorite thing about spring. I always wanted a spring baby and almost 12 years ago I had one!

  12. I love having my husband home while it's still light out. And going for walks and bike rides. Oh, goodness, you're making me wistful up here in Michigan with inches of snow still on the ground and more in the forecast.