Friday, February 27, 2015

Roller Skate dress Provence Style

So lets not talk about how old this post is... or how this is one of the last photos  I have of Bella before she cut off her hair... I miss this hair so much! Maybe again someday....
This is pattern is Oliver and S's skater dress. We found this fabric at the Jacksonville Quilt Show back when Bella was itty bitty- about 5 months old. And bought it to make her something out of and then it promptly was lost in Moms sewing room. I only bought maybe a 1/2 yard of it so it was small. And when I reminded mom about it, it still took a bit to locate so it was about a solid year later that we were able to just eke out this dress. IT IS GORGEOUS. A bit short but WHO CARES I mean look at those adorable baby thighs!

We made it large so it should fit this summer still as a top. And then I will have to go find more of this fabric and make something bigger!

Do you see this kids calf muscles? She is ridiculous...

I am going to have to go squeeze her now. She has gotten so big the last couple months. 


  1. Total cutie! The Fabric is nice. It would be nice adult sized too.

  2. sooo darn cute! I love the contrast neck and the style so much! Well Done!


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