Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eden Rose

Randi (the mom to be) does just about everything crafty you can think of. So thinking up something to make for her that she hadn't already done for herself or didn't have plans to do was hard. And then I ran across one of these organizers at Joann's. I hadn't seen one in years (and haven't seen any since... where can you get these things?!) It was actually one of the first baby gifts I did followed by this one, and this one (I never even found these to do for my own kids!)

Seriously love me some embroidering! 

Tiny felt flower hair clips (why won't Bella wear these... or stop cutting her hair... lol)

And a screen-printed onesie with one of my first graphics on it. Apparently I revisited quite a few of my first projects on this one. 

Pretty wrapping never hurts... 

I just love making stuff for new babies! 


  1. Perfect! I just love the embroidery!

  2. I remember those organizers! This one is cool with the flowers in the letters!

  3. I love embroidery too!!!!!!! This is gorgeous. I love that just the 1st letters are embellished. I never seem to know anyone having a baby so I can never make cool baby gifts!


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