Monday, February 2, 2015

Superhero bags

 I've seen some really fun Superhero projects on pinterest but so far we aren't really into super heros and Matt has no special interest in any of them. So, when I wanted to make something for some of my young cousins and I found out they do like super heroes it seemed like a good time to pull one of those pins out. (specific one here)
 I apologize for the absolutely awful pictures. But I forgot to photograph them at all so last minute pictures are all I have. 
They are both paper pieced ... Paper piecing is a really cool way to do complicated images  but not something I would really want to do a lot of... ever...

Hulk actually looks quite different then the original. I thought he needed an actual nose and eyes. 

I put them onto drawstring bags... I wanted the gifts to be useful... possibly not the most appropriate place to put something that took so much time to create but hopefully it means they will get a lot of use out of them! 


  1. SUPER cool! (Tee hee!) I have some minimalist super heroes pinned somewhere and that's what these blocks remind me of. I never would have thought to turn them into paper pieced projects. I'm with you - it's neat but I don't like to do it a lot. The bags are really cool!

  2. I love paper piecing! These are very cool. If the kids don't treasure them, the mom will:)


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