Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Oh look! I made something for me, had my guy take my picture and I'm actually blogging about it within the same week. Will wonders never cease.
Confession time: I'm not the same person I was a few years ago. I've grown, and I'm not talking about my state of mind..... This fact has been a bit hard to come to terms with and made it hard for me to make things for myself. This skirt started out as a dress and it was tragic. I cried and threw it in a corner for a year. I mean that literally, my room is a mess. Sad part is, the fabric was beautiful.

 I read an article over on Melly Sews and it struck a cord with me. Yes, I have been sewing upwards of forty years, but I learned old school sewing (where each garment was made to last through the generations, whether the new generation wanted them or not), and I still beat myself up when I make mistakes. Funny thing is, when I was teaching, I would always tell my students, there are no mistakes, only opportunities. Why I cannot seem to apply that to myself I don't know. 

Coming across that wad of fabric the other day I knew it was time to do something with it or throw it out. 
Wanting to be done in one afternoon, this was not the time for me to get caught up in making the inside look as good as the outside. There is no lining or hong-kong finish on this skirt. I just needed something to wear and the pile-o-guilt to be gone from my room. 
I choose to try an exposed zipper because I happened to find a cool metal zip in my stash and it's quicker than doing a back seam and applying a invisible zip. Have I done one before? No..... because I have always been afraid of ruining my fabric. Am I happy with the results. Yes! I'll do better next time. Or maybe I'll mess it up.

I really went out on a limb here showing you both shirt tucked in and out. One is way out of my comfort zone...... 

Pattern used for general shape : Simplicity 8664
Fabric: Beautiful wool, bought so long ago from I forgot where

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I LOVE IT! The fabric is pretty too. You look great!

  2. That turned out awesome! love the outfit. And I love it tucked it.

  3. Looks great! I'm so glad you didn't stop with it in a wad in the corner and you turned it into this great skirt...I love it!

  4. You look great in this skirt! Love it tucked in too!

  5. Ooooooh! That is beautiful wool! And a lovely skirt! I know how you feel about making mistakes. I haven't literally cried, but I have muttered some curse words at mysel. I've been sewing for something like 17 years and the other day I washed two things together and one bled on the other. Seriously? Like I don't know better. But it's only fabric. No one will die. That's what I tell my students - it's only fabric, and after a mistake it's still fabric and still good for something!

  6. Love your skirt. It looks fab with the shirt tucked in. I am still scared silly about dressmaking because of messing up the fabric and also creating something that I wouldn't want to wear anyway! And yeah I've grown too.

  7. love the skirt and that you finished it. This post came at a good time for me. I too beat myself up when the garment comes out crappy. I get seriously depressed actually. And I think (it didn't occur to me till your post) that this is why I have not been producing as much sewing. I'm tired of items not fitting or looking good or I chose a fabric that really isn't one I want to wear. I'm very hard on myself and really really don't want to show so-so creations. I don't sew to just churn a bunch of ok items so I can say I make a bunch of stuff. Does that make sense? I know you are the same way. There are plenty of bloggers who post almost daily but the quality of the sewing is terrible. I sew for the creativity and to get better and because I can't not sew. So when something doesn't turn out how I want, I get upset. All that to say, thank you for helping me figure out my problem!! I need to take chances like I did when I was younger and if it doesn't turn out it's not a big deal. It's just not. Also, I'm making a Tova top and am making it out of muslin first. I haven't done that in a while. I'm trying to take my time and really get a good fit so MAYBE I'll actually wear this when done and not wad it up in a ball and cry:) love you Corinnea!


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