Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ten things you should know before skiing at Feldberg

1. The highest elevation is 1448m which is just not that high.
2. On the first really sunny day in weeks, everyone in S. Germany, N. Switzerland and E. France will be at Feldberg.
3. When there is an unusually high snowfall, everyone else may try to crowd in.
4. During said snowfall, the chairs lifts are only a foot off the ground. I'm short, this is too low.
5. The runs are short, the lift lines are long.
6. There are not a lot of lifts.
7. The gulasch at the place over the top of the mountian is good but it's a long walk back up.
8. The "black" runs are frequented by 3 year olds.
9. Do not take my husband or myself to help with directions. Apparently we are directionally impaired at Feldberg.
10. A 7k trip down an unmarked ski route can lead to a 35 euro taxi ride and 20k later you are back at your car.


  1. Soooooo....... not the romantic getaway you were hoping for over valentine's weekend?

  2.'re saying you had a good time? ;)

  3. Well, that didn't sound like fun. Bummer!

  4. "8. The "black" runs are frequented by 3 year olds." what?? crazy!

  5. Hehe, that sounds kind of like my Feldberg experience. Except that we went down the wrong slope (my fault, I couldn't control my board and Brandond didn't want to abandon me to suffer alone) and ended up on the wrong side of the mountain and spent the bulk of the afternoon trying to find our way back to where we were supposed to be. Thank God Bran has a good sense of direction, because I have none and would have ended up totally lost. Anyway, after that, I spent the rest of the day in the lodge thingy drinking hot chocolate and keeping the guys company when they would come in for a break.

  6. That sucks! ...But is also funny... hahaha

  7. It was all very funny, really. We are just so spoiled....

    It really is very easy to get turned around down there for some reason! Like I said, if you get going down hill in the wrong direction, it's either a hike back or a drive!!!

    If I go back again I may stay in a restaurant!


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