Friday, February 20, 2009

And the winning model is.......

This gorgeous girl. Ya'll know who she is. Thanks Jennifer for letting her be my model.
I would like to make about 20 of these.


  1. She looks a little uneasy, but I'm sure it has nothing to do with the AWESOME coat, It's REALLY cute on your model, almost as cute as she is!

  2. she was very uneasy about sitting on the window ledge! The other photo I told her to watch Diego while I took photos.

  3. Oh for goodness sake...the two together is priceless!

  4. You want to make 20 more jackets or you want JennyP to make 20 more Emily's? Either way we win....

  5. Love it! You should make these for big people :) Your model is adorable where did you find her, ha,ha.


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