Monday, February 16, 2009


I chopped most of my hair off... I like it. Some people don't, Uber does. Other people haven't noticed... really it is like 5 inches is this not noticable? Anyway, I will grow it out long again now, I have just had an urge to chop it off for a while so I decided to go with it now so it could grow out again before it gets too hot...

Uber brought me flowers... which I LOVE!

Mum sent me the chocolate fondue pot (thingy) in her last box and I LOVE the design on the bowl. I never realized how easy it is to do! It came in just in time for the first good batches of strawberries and blueberries in the stores. YUM! We did this for desert on V-day. We are not big into the festivities and we DEFINATELY don't eat out.
We just went to The Fresh Market and loaded up on TONS of fruit and vegtables (see photo below also) SCRUMPTIOUS Asparagus also a first for this year. Love these things! Uber will cook them for me so that is always a bonus! We ate them with Brats... is this wierd? I am so excited for nice produce to be back!! I plan to gorge myself this summer!

This photo is totally sideways but whatever! I am thinking strongly about joining in the felt food making... to bad I have too much stuff to do already...


  1. Your hair looks great, I really like it. Oh, and you so need to make felt food. I think I may have been more excited than Nicolas when I finished my sandwich.

  2. I like your hair, it looks darling on you. It is fun to try new things once in a while. And, it is a renewable source!!!! The food looks yummy, I'm ready for fresh produce too..

  3. Love your hair!! Mine is a stringy mess....
    Glad you found a chocolate that you liked since I kept forgetting to answer you!
    I long for good fresh food!!!!! Eat some for me.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair!! very flattering. I love fondue. I need to get a fondue maker thingy. Cheese fondue...yum

  5. I'm sure you look good in ANY hair cut. :) That fondue pot is CUTE! Corinnea... where's that from? Oh yeah... fresh veggies are the best. Enjoy your asparagus. Can you get white ones there?

  6. Hair...not sure. I absolutely adore your beautiful long, straight hair. Even when you were a kid I loved your hair!

    Fondue it!

    Fresh veggies...Can't wait until we can get some! This growing season I am going to be sharing a garden with a friend and I plan on growing all kinds of yummy fresh food! I've already been going through all the seed catalogs and I've got my wish list at least as tall as I am!

    P.S. We don't eat out either. Why when we can eat better at home? Right?!!! ;-)

  7. Jeez Joan tell me how you really feel :P you had matt rolling on the floor. :) Who are you sharing a garden with?? SO JEALOUS!
    I love fondue my only problem is trying to find people who are into it too... it seems like a lot of trouble to do a whole dinner if it is just matt and me.
    I am more into the bread bowls then the cheese fondue. Mum has an AWESOME recipe for it.


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