Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where have the last 11 days gone?

I didn't mean to be gone this long! Actually I didn't mean to be gone at all. It's been a long week and I just haven't had the energy to post anything.
One of our preachers had a massive heart attack last Tuesday and unfortunately isn't going to going to recover from it. He is only 57 and is leaving behind a wife and two daughters. I am confident that he is in a better place, but I am incredibly sad for his family and especially his daughters who won't have their father with them when they graduate in a few months. It's been a very tough reminder of just how short life is and just how quickly it can change. Please pray for them.
Sorry to bum you all out. And since there is no good way to change the subject after that I am just going to move on. I have actually been keeping myself VERY busy crafting and I will be showing you some of it shortly ... but not just yet.
Meanwhile something I can show you. We have a bunch of Ubers old bachelor days art work still hanging around in the garage. I don't necessarily dislike it (well all of it) but it doesn't exactly fit with our current decor and can sometimes offend people ...ha... anyway this is what was in the frame before hand.
Mom and Dad had sent this flag to Uber it's from a race that is held every year at our favorite place to ski. I have been wanting to get it up somewhere but ...well where do you hang a big orange flag? The answer is in the garage!
I think it looks pretty awesome! Total cost $2 for the black foam core... loving that and the pop of color it is adding to the garage...which I am VERY hopeful to be showing you very soon.


  1. Continuing to pray for them. Can't get them out off my mind.

    Love the flag!

  2. k, you know I meant off my mind....

  3. SO very sorry to hear about your preacher. Man life is short.

    We have Jon's bachelor art in the basement. It consists of Jimmy Hendricks, Nirvana and primus-type posters and his all time favorite Jane's addiction. Some day we'll have a room for him and all his scantily clad girl statues and teen posters. Poor guy, I just made him sound perverted and immature!

  4. Will keep them in mind.

    I got lucky. All Rob's pre-marriage art was really tasteful. Now his during-marriage star wars collection ... well that's another story...

    The flag does look cool! Nice repurposing!

  5. So sorry to hear of the sad news. Our prayers go out to the family.

    Time has gotten away from me as well. I will be posting something fun soon... I hope... =-)


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