Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Uber made me do it

I picked up an iphone last night (when I should of been at home resting because I am sick) Uber totally made me do it. And so far this thing is amazing. I really like it! I think the cost is a little ridiculous but a few things that sold me on it is that it will hold all of my music so I dont have to carry a separate player anymore. And now Uber can have my old phone and mp3 player- which he wanted anyway. The internet is INSANE I can read all the blogs I want on it and so far I think it is actually making me more productive, I can do all my internet stuff while I am waiting on things out and about and when I get home I dont really feel the need to jump on the computer. I still haven't tried to blog on it yet so I am not sure if you can or not... I need to get better at typing before I try any of that! I am a little under the weather right now with a lovely sinus infection. I finally got into a doctor today so hopefully all the medication he has me on will have me better if a few days.
Thanks for all the kind words on Ciarra and Robert. Robert passed away yesterday and I am trying not to think about it too much. He was a truly wonderful, humble man and there is just not many of them.


  1. Feel BETTER!!

    I had to laugh when I realized you emailed from Walgreens..... That's fun.

    I will continue to keep his fammily in my thoughts.

  2. Have fun with it! DH has completely changed his productivity with this stupid little thing. He can talk to all the youth, the people he's mentoring, facebook, and everything from that one place. Of course sometimes I get jealous that he spends more time with it than me.... but we won't talk about my addiction to the laptop....

  3. I haven't reached that stage in my life yet. I still have an old cell phone for emergencies only:) and I just got an Ipod! This iphone seems really cool though.


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