Monday, February 23, 2009

For Brianna

One of Ubers friends Ryan and his wife Angi are expecting their first baby in March. I kept thinking I had a TON of time to get something together to send out and then I realized last week that, that wasn't really the case anymore! I was bouncing back and forth on different ideas of what to send to them, I don't know Angi very well (she has just always been incredibly kind to me) so really all I had to go on was the colors of the nursery- brown, pink and cream and a picture of the bedding which was lady bug themed. Here's what I finally came up with:

I have this incredible knack for trying new things when I do a baby gift that I always seem to think will be quick to complete.... uhhh... yeah not so much! I had just recently tried applique on a pillow I did for my aunt at Christmas but I didn't really read any directions I just winged it... Well I didn't really read any directions this time either BUT I did look at some pictures to see how it should look. I am not sure if there are different ways to do this but HOLY COW was this time consuming!!!! All of the fabric (with the exception of the lady bug) has finished edges. I cut, folded and ironed every little curve. My arm was killing me by the end!!
I chain stitched around the B and the leaf. And then did normal stitching around the ladybug and flower

I am really stoked about how this turned out. The lady bug looks almost exactly like the bedding.

I also included one of my growth charts that fit the color scheme.

I really hope she likes it. Now I just need to find a box!


  1. Talk about fingers still being attached.... Gorgeous Jess! Very hard!!!

  2. this is really really cute! and so beautiful.

  3. My oh my young lady, you have outdone yourself!

  4. Love it Jess!! The ladybug turned out perfect. The whole look is beautiful, good job. Angie will love it. How sweet of you to do that.

  5. Really beautiful! Wow! What a great gift!

  6. Wow, that is really cute! I bet that took forever.

  7. This is just way too completely cute, you have such a great sense of design and style, just love it!


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