Sunday, February 8, 2009

Porsche Museum

If you haven't heard, the new Porsche Museum opened last week. It's located in Zuffenhausen across from the factory and show rooms. Though not quite as extensive as the Mercedes Museum it is well worth checking out. Being smaller it doesn't take quite as long which is good for me. I don't know why but places like this make me hungry. Anyway, just a few pictures I found fun.

You know who says this is a good display idea for my cake plates. He's working on it right now.

This is what 1.5 million DM looks like.


  1. I'd like to see that Polizei one bigger. When is that from?

  2. Coolness. :) We haven't been yet, but I want to go. I'm planning to take my Mom and step dad there, when they visit.

  3. I like the clever picture... it totally made me laugh! Glad you had fun I mean to ask you how it went!
    love you!

  4. Cool, I bet Eric would like to go.

  5. Oh, you didn't tell me you went! Rob was there last week for their stock holder's board meeting! A friend's wife met someone on an airplane, yada yada yada, and Rob got to go!


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