Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anyone, gnome?

I endeavored to clean my disaster area creative space up a bit yesterday. I came across the makings for this, so I did.
Now if I can only remember who wanted him.........


  1. So cute! Great that the little graphics were all lined up for that!

  2. I call it!!!!! I don't care who it was, but I want it NOW!!! Thanks for understanding that it MUST go to me!

  3. I was going to say, that is screaming KATELYN!!!! So I second her call for it to go to her. ^_^

  4. toot sweet...can the gnome find a home?

    stay tuned!

  5. i think that someone who would seceed the MOST AWESOME key fob EVER! so benevolently to another (even though she wants it, covets it, must have the precious) is the one who REALLY deserves it...

    and even though i just lost the only spare set of keys to the car; and chris is about to kill me because they cost too much to replace; and getting that awesome fob would ensure that i never lose the only remaining set - because i could NEVER X INFINITY lose the gnomies...

    i suppose you could give it to katelyn or someone else... :(

  6. Fat chance with all that pity talk D-na! I'll take both you and Jennifer (the real beneficiary of the beauty) on, at the same time if need be.... I'm sure you'll understand.

  7. Remember, It was me... Hello!!! Oh why why why should KATELYN have it!!! It is very very very cute and I think those little gnomes would look adorable in my hands/purse holding my keys :) Corinnea (KATELYN) already has pretty fabric like that. I do not have any cute frabric ;( I think, I think, we can pretend you never posted this and you can leave it in my bag tomorrow ;)(our secret)

  8. Dear Jennifer, I'd watch my back if I were you....

  9. oh my goodnes! You ladies are rough! It was for me so "thspppp!!" that's me blowing a raspberry with qoutations! And Katelyn...dear sweet Katelyn. I'll take YOU down easy! 1st I'll tell you a really long story to make your eyes glaze over (actually it only need be about 30 seconds for that to happen) and then I'll attack! I'll yell, "free fabric" and then trip you...

    I'm just saying...don't mess with me and my gnome key fob:)

    Thank you COrinnea:)


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