Thursday, January 28, 2010

Amigurumi......a labor of love.

Note to self: Do not start another teeny animal right after a long day at work. Oh, and find out HOW to pronounce that word.

See, his head ended up a bit small.... tension... it gets you every time.

A sample for the shop. Made from "Cutest Little Animals" using Vanna's Choice yarn in silver grey and taupe.


  1. He's so cute. And i'm right there with you about how to say it.... and spell it... good job with that!

  2. i got two of these book for xmas! cutie!!!

  3. Ah me goo roo me.

    There, not so hard. Remember, the "r" is rolled.


    Everyone seems to be getting on that Amigurumi bandwagon these days.

  4. You pronounce it "cute"! We just went to see "Soosical" and Horton was just too sweet. I love your little elephant and you did a great job!

    "A person's a person. No matter how small!"

  5. He turned out super cute!! Love it! Which one are you going to do next?

  6. Oh my gosh, that is just the cutest thing! I'm not very good at crochet but this inspires me to practice. Ane his head looks perfectly sized to me!

  7. Thanks everyone! Thanks especially Joan. I think I may be able to say it now! Seems so simple when you break it down....
    Jennifer and I hung him on the wall today with the ones she got as a gift. Too cute.

  8. Ok this totally made me laugh this morning... it reminds me of an aardvark.. is that mean? I LOVE you Mum!!!!

  9. You know I adooore him!! You have inspired me too to crochet!

  10. oh my goodness, he is soo cute! Is this from a book,cause if it is we need it in the shop here!


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