Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Think cozy

A snuggley cuddle and flannel blanket.

My first knit anything in well over 20 or so much more so many years ago. I ran out of yarn, can't get more, I'm over it.
Just before You Know Who took these for me I was having a playful moment with Brink. Then he got crazy and messed up my hair. So I chewed him out.
Someone thought that was funny.


  1. is there anything you don't do? I like your sassy/flippy hair:)

  2. Love the blanket! That isn't the same fabric you had talked about using is it?
    Love the scarf the pictures look like you are rocking out!

  3. sew sorry on the yarn...I hate when that happens.

    the blankie looks too warm...I'm nodding off to sleep land!

  4. want the blankie, and think you did great on the scarf, seriously, how do you get sooo much done? My solution for not having enough yarn is always overbuy, always, the leftovers can be something else. Of course this creates the problem of having too much yarn around....

  5. Love the minky! When you picked out the fabrics it made me want to make another one.... So no more knitting? Looks like you did a good job!

  6. How do you do it.... I want to rent you for a day and craft all day :) Do you think your hubby would mind? BEAUTIFUL

  7. You make me feel soooo inadequate! I'm STILL working on the table cloth. STILL working on the felted slippers and STILL trying to find a pattern for a silly/fun little boys hat (which, btw, needs to be able to fit a small adult sized head because this little one has a rather large kanoodle).
    So, how do you do it? No sleep? No eating? What?!


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