Friday, January 8, 2010

The Color of Happiness

My niece asked for an apron.  What color? She wrote, "I was thinking a bright and sunshine yellow. It just reminds me of happiness!" This didn't surprise me because sunshine and happiness are two words that come to mind when I think of her. Though most days I still think of her as the little Tidbit she was, she is now a grown woman. A young woman that I don't know half as well as I'd like but that I love tons. I knew just the fabric I would use. Hope you like it Jelly Bean.

Kelly and I had a lot of fun out in the snow. You can't  really see how hard it's coming down unless you expand it.....
The fabric is Kona cotton and Sunshine by April Cornell for Moda.

Five more gnome key fobs. It was a mob scene when I took them out at work. Those girls are scary.


  1. Oh! LOVE the apron! Mob scene?! They stole your merchandise? Oh dear...

  2. oh, oh ice cream and an oreo cookie...that's how well you're fabrics belong to each other! love it!

    key fobs are darling! were you injured? police called?

  3. I love the apron, and the you look super cute in the picture.

    I always loved gnomes because they remind me of my years in Holland. They were the best years of my childhood, pure happiness. Now I also love them because they remind me of my favorite gnome crazy ladies =)

    Are there any left?

  4. Love the apron, it is perfect. You know her well. I love the two pictures of you, the happiness in your face, I can tell you had fun making it. Wow, do I miss you!

  5. Corinnea! You look stunning! Your hair is positively lovely! And the apron is a winner!

    The key fobs created a mob scene? I'm so not surprised! They are adorable! As usual your work is perfection itself!

  6. I wouldn't call it a mob scene.... But it did get a little ugly. But Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! The apron also turned out adorable, I love a bright yellow.

  7. Katelyn, It was very funny and you're very welcome.
    Dee, you just had to mention oreos. I've been craving them and they are out of stock at our commissary!
    Joan, Thanks! My lovely hair was the magic of Kelly's photography and the snow. Right now it is a static mess!
    Mom, I did love making it for her.
    Glad you all liked the apron!

  8. Cor is going to love this so much! She was so happy to know you were making one for her too! And love the key fobs, i need one, really.

  9. thank you ever so for the awesome fob! i was so so happy to get one and would have travelled through a raging blizzard to lay claim!

  10. I love my gnomey fob:) Thank you! And this really does prove you love me because we all know you hate gnomes:)The apron is sure cute! I hate when I miss thinsg in person:( pooh


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