Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Uber!

You're officially an old man!!!

But I LOVE YOU and you're awesome! I hope we have many more years to make fun of eachother.
(please don't be like chinchin)


  1. Happy Bday dear son-in-law. I wish for many years for you both together too. PLEASE don't be like Chinchin.

  2. Yes, you make little jessica happy. So no, being like chinchin.

    Happy Birthday! Not that you know me from Adam.... ;-)

  3. 30's not old! It's like the new 20 or something... right? Happy Birthday!

  4. Hehe, happy birthday!

    Who's Chinchin? :P

  5. Excellent! Happy Birthday Bro. However, don't be hoggin' the you'll-know-what. :p


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