Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sisterly gifts

My sister, my BFF, keeps threatening not to make me anymore knitted things. For some reason she thinks I might be sick of the lovelies she sends. Why oh why oh why could she ever think that? I cannot tell you how soft these are but I might let you touch them. The stitch is awesome.
Please excuse my worn out hands and equally worn out table

She also made me this jewelry bag. How cute, how practical. I wish I'd had it for my last trip!

I tried to finish up some projects of my own over the last few days and nothing is going quite right. What to do? Start another of course! I came across this free pattern  by Elizabeth Hartman for Sew Mama Sew. If you haven't checked out the website, you must be living in the dark ages. Just sayin.

It takes two fat quaters, heavy interfacing, fusible interfacing, thread and a purse snap. I spent about two and a half hours start to finish. The only modification I made was a longer strap. I used some Bleeker Street and Kaufman Chambray I had in my stash. Great gifts? I think so!


  1. Man, your sister has some skills! You can never have too many gifts like that, super cute. I like the bag to. It would be great for some short day trips sice it's so small, but big enough for all the important stuff.

  2. Oh, how soft and warm looking! She is a doll for the gifts she's given you. The jewelry bag is too clever...

    and shock, oh shock, your bag is made out of the same fabric I used for January's block...come see on the blog and you'll be amazed at how GMTA!

  3. Does creative genius run in your family? I think it must!!

  4. Ha! I tried the gloves on when no one was looking! heheheheheh:)

    I love the two bags. LOOVE them!

  5. Lovvvveeee these!!! I'm a bad blogger I still haven't posted what she sent me ... Maybe tomorrow? SHERIE I need you to knit me something I can wear!!! A cardigan??? Yes please!

  6. I am so glad you like the gloves, was thinking maybe needed to be longer over fingers??? And of course, love your purse, love it!

  7. These are lovely :) and you are a very lucky girl....

  8. I just adore the little Jewellery pouch... do you know what pattern your sister used? I would love to make some of these as gifts!


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