Friday, January 22, 2010

I heart you.

Just in time for valentines day I completed my heart garland. I can't get enough of garlands I just love them.
I had this idea pop into my head and thought it sounded really cool. I was sure someone had done this before but I searched and couldn't find anything like it ... which meant I actually had to think about how it should be put it together...
bad idea! I TOTALLY underestimated the time this project would take. A heart garland ?! Sure no problem I can do that in two days! ... A week later I wanted to strangle myself, gouge my eyes out...anything to get me away from it!
But it is done, they're hung and I love them!
The details - I lost track of how many hearts there are but lets just go with A LOT... enough to do two garlands that are substantial in length. There are three colors of linen medium pink, dark pink, and a natural color. I used 7 or 8 different heart patterns and cut out as many as I could fit in to 1/3 yard of each color. I embroidered over half of the hearts with I don't even know how many different designs. Then I sewed the heart together and flipped them right side out, stuffed it and then hand stitched each one closed. Once that was done I arranged them all out and then strung them up with embroidery floss. On the end hearts I sewed in some 1/2" velvet ribbon (before the stuffing) for the garland to be hung up with.

Yes I am crazy...apparently I can't help myself.... but if it is any consolation my house was a complete mess by the time I was done! Uber was even picking stuff up! lol. (it is clean now but only because we have company) I had planned on doing a tutorial to go with this but I decided that I would spare you... please don't torture yourself making a hundred small hearts... it most likely won't bring out the best in you! But if you do still want one of your own go for it... I will even scan in my heart patterns and give them to you (and then I will laugh at you)

More crazyness later...


  1. I heart your garlands. :) These are great! I can't imagine how much time it took you to do that. Why not just do paper or felt? They would still have been awesome, and a whole lot easier/faster. You went for EPIC. Epically awesome.

  2. Oh my goodness! They are so, so... terrific in a crazy sort of way! They really are wonderfully fun and cute and adorable. But they also look like a crazy amount of work and that is BEFORE you said anything about how much work they were.
    You out did yourself missy! Wonderfully, fantastically, awe inspiringly valentine beauties! You know, little cards with photo's of your beautiful garlands would be so cute. I would purchase those and then send them to my friends...... think about it!

  3. Dad say you need to change your name to craft psycho! I/we love them! If you ever decide to make another I call dibbs.

  4. Adrienne- Why not do paper or felt?! WELL! My original thought for the garland was doing paper hearts like the circles I have in the shop... but for some reason after a week of thinking about it I decided linen would be neat and then it just snowballed into this ridiculousnes... believe me though I asked myself that question ALOT over the week... now that I am done though the linen looks WAY better... was it worth it... that's debatable but I am ok with it now that it is done!
    Joan - I am not really a photographer. I don't have a clue of what kind of pictures I could take to be pretty enough for a card.... maybe mom has an idea?
    Mom- it's going to be a while before I forget how long this took!! I would help you though! :P

  5. Love these, you always come up with things I want to make, or have someone make for me!

  6. I'm late...
    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE these!!! I want to make these!!!!!!!! But out of wool felt I think. to labor intensive. But I think they look so beautiful how they are and you'll have them forever and can pass them on to your kids. So it's worth it I think that they took forever:) Really freakin cute!

  7. Totally cute garland, yeah I can understand why you would want to pull your hair and gouge your eyes out. So much detail. You did a really good job.


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