Thursday, June 24, 2010

Butterick 4789

Is is ok to love something you've made?
A lot?
I found this knit a few weeks ago at Hilco. I knew what I wanted it to be but I had to wait for the pattern to arrive.
It did, yesterday.
Thanks my dear Jessica.
I might make a hundred more of these.
Earrings by Adrienne at All Wound Up


  1. looooooove it! It was cracking me up how no one said anything cuz they assumed you bought it! You rock Corinnea! It looks so awesome! I can't wait to try the pattern!

  2. Just love this! You rock in the clothing department! Amazing!

  3. I tried one of those twist tops and I had to throw it away!! Yours looks amazing!

  4. It's lovely!!! I would make them in every color also ;) Looks fabulous on you...

  5. love,love,love,love,love,......well, you get the idea....

  6. I'm still not sure I believe you made this one. I was in complete shock when you told me you had! Beautiful.

  7. i too LOVE this top expecially on you. It's adorable! When we were talking about buying stuff and saying we made it, I meant to tell you that in Jr. High, I was accused of buying a dress and saying I made it. It was very badly made and I kept saying , "but look at the seams! look at this mistake!. I'm not lying, I made this!!". I never liked that girl after she did that. The dress was out of a very light weight wool and the colors were green and navy lumber jack-type plaid. Ick!

    So anyway...Make more! make more!! They really look so good on you and flatter your petite figure perfectly:)

  8. and I meant to say also that I love the photos! they are really good and perfectly show off the top plus you're sassy-ness;)

  9. I love it! I bought a couple of sweaters from Ann Taylor Loft that had that tie in the middle like that, I think they are my favorite ones...Cindy (S-I-L)

  10. It looks fantastic, i love it!

  11. Totally ok to love something you've made. It's such a nice shape, thanks for the inspiration (and pattern number). I'm actually wearing a similar top, but store-bought, and I'd love to make myself one. Now I only need to learn to sew knits :)


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