Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hexagon progress

A lot are a gift from Kelly. Some are from projects recently completed. 
This is what a hundred look like?
A swap from isisjem22. So I am + about 150 this week.
Newest reason not to do other things. Trying needlefelting again. Not sure what it will be.


  1. Up late? Me too. Love the hexies! They're just so cute tiny. But I still think you're crazy. Don't forget! Love the felting!!

  2. So how many hexigons are you going to need?

    And how are you liking the felting? I've really enjoyed it. Although, like everything else, I've got projects yet to be completed. I think I may have ADD, can't seem to concentrate and actually finish each project I start. Blah! ;)

  3. hexagons. hurry and finish so I can steal the quilt!!!!
    Love the felting. WOOOLLLLLL!

  4. these are amazingly cute! keep adding, keep adding and soon, very soon a quilt will be born!

  5. Wow, how many more to go? You are a brave and patient crafter :) Needle felting looks like is alot of fun...You amaze me, you can do anything! (THERE"S NO MOUTAIN HIGH ENOUGHT FOR YOU, girly)Can't wait to see all finished.


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