Monday, June 7, 2010

A Full Weekend of Sewing

This is what three hundred and five 1" hexagons look like. I am out of scraps.

Sunday's additions.

Jennifer gave me some knit fabric a few months back. I made a shirt for Jessica out of some and this is what I did with the left over. I greatly modified an old pattern. It's comfy but not too frumpy....

I promised I'd try using the wonder tape to insert a zipper. I got around to that today. I pulled out some Japanese damask that I'd gotten peices of a couple of years ago. I've been wanting to make something with it. No one was here to tell me I shouldn't, so I did. First though, wonder tape works great!
Tape on the zipper.
Zipper taped to skirt.
Sewing zipper in on the right side of the skirt. Finished zipper. I will definitely do this again.

Photo session with myself. I crack myself up. Look at this hair.... tomorrow it's gone. Well not all gone but shorter.

Hope your Monday has been happy!


  1. Holy cow! That skirt is Hot! And I don't use that word freely! I still have that piece you gave me that I'm hoarding for something special.

  2. So many things about this post. First of all, I don't think I believe that you have run out of scraps. How can you have run out of scraps? Aren't you always making new scraps?

    I am IN LOVE with that knit dress. Not frumpy at all!

    And that skirt is hot. I'm diggin' it. I'm still hoarding mine too.

    Finally, when did your hair get so long?? Gorgeous hair. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with it.

  3. COR-EEEEEEEE-NA!!!! I LOVE your pic on top of the bench!!!! Hahaha! You need to put that one in the shirt week pool!!!! I still have my piece too. :) I have some scraps for you. I tried my sample knit this weekend and was disappointed. Am bringing it to you to inspect. What are you wearing tomorrow?????? THE SKIRT! But bring the dress for show and tell!!!

  4. I am so glad the dress is mine mine mine... !
    I just finally got to read the post... job searching sucks... moo...
    I can't believe how long your hair is! ridiculous! good luck with the hair cut!
    I can send you more scraps for the hexagons... did you already get some from all the stuff you've made me? how big do they need to be?

  5. Oh my gosh you look absolutely gorgeous! And WOW on the hair. I think that is the longest I've ever known you to grow your hair. If you need a FABULOUS hair stylist, I can give you the location of one, but he's in Wiesbaden! Mathias is a man of ultimate skill and magic with the shears! I REALLY wanted to pack him up in my bag when I left Germany!
    Anyhow... I've got fabric scraps if you really need them! ;-)

  6. oh my you saucy minx!!! You should always take your own photos you get a little naughty when you do it yourself:) So hot! i love everything and I can't believe you used that knit! i'm so happy about that. it's really cute and the skirt is adorable. I still have my fabric too. i want to see everything up close!

  7. NO, DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR!!!! It is probably too late to say that. Love all your sewing.
    Really love the skirt, very artsy!

  8. no frumpyness... not at all. I love that last pic... =]

  9. that last pictures is awesome! when you get tired of your sweetness in the box, send it over the pond! I'm in love!

  10. Fun fun skirt! There are so many ways you could wear it :)


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