Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend 2010

We headed up to Atlanta to visit with some of Ubers family. We always have fun when we go up to see them!
We went to check out the Georgia Aquarium, which was fantastic! Here's all of us in front of the Beluga tank.

This looks photoshoped to me but we actually 'snuck' into one of the conference rooms with a private viewing tank and the belugas loved that window. This part alone would have made the entire trip worth it... of course belugas are one of my favorites!

I just had to pet things... as always! At the end of the post is a quick video of our day at the aquarium. The best shots we got were on video. If sea life bores you I wouldn't bother! Next we popped over to the High Museum of art which was hosting The Allure of the Automobile exhibit. It was fun but very short. Of course when you've been to the Mercedes Museum it's not really fair to compare any other car exhibit.
Saturday evening we when to Stone Mountain to see the laser light show they put on in front of the Memorial at night. There were a LOT of people there!

Thanks to my phone we read up on the history of the carving via the infallible wiki while we were waiting for it to get dark. Which turned out to be just a little on the colorful side...
Regardless of that though it was fun to see.
Georgia Aquarium
There is really just so much to see and do in the Atlanta area. We already have a weekends worth of ideas planned for our next trip. It's just so wierd to think the next time we head up there we will have a kid to lug along with us!


  1. Glad you all had such a fun weekend! I love the aquarium shots. Seahorses!

  2. How fun! I enjoyed the video! Great job with it!

  3. Cindy says, looks like you guys has a good time. We love going to aquariums, I think one of the best ones we went to was Monterey Bay Aquarium.


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