Monday, June 21, 2010

More Oliver + S and A Nice Surprise

Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts.
For my Grandson.
Size 6 - 12 months.
Kaufman organic cotton canvas for the shorts.
The shirt is in Recess by Sandy Klopp for Moda.

Ridiculously cute? I think so. Yes, it's another good pattern from Oliver + S.

Excuse the terrible photos. Adding to the no sun issue we have here in Germany right now, is the plastic wrap situation I find myself in. My windows are covered in plastic wrap. Our apartment building is being painted on the outside. World cup is in session. We have been wrapped up since Thursday. Coincidence? I think not. Yucky? Oh yeah!
In the nice surprise catagory, I came home to an e-mail telling me I'd won a $25 gift certificate in the 3rd week drawing on Sew Mama Sew's Make it Wear it Challenge month. How cool is that? Yes, I already shopped.


  1. love the outfit! lil' boys' things are just way too cute these day!

  2. I love the outfit! Did you like the collar construction? I was debating on whether or not to buy the pattern... it's still sitting on my desk. I think I need to go ahead and get it and make it in the same fabric! It looks great!

    Congrats on winning the cert! That's so fun!

  3. I'm going to have to rethink sewing for my grandson. I loved sewing for my girls when they were little, but haven't felt motivated to do boys clothes. You're changing that!

  4. Your grandson is going to be so well dressed!!! What a lucky little boy to have such a talented grandma!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You deserve it :) Love the outfit sooo cute. I love the fabric you picked for the shirt, Nicey Jane right(?)

  6. It is soooo stinkin cute. I think I'm going to need to buy this pattern now.

  7. It's not the last time I'm going to say it... that's one lucky kid! LOVE THEM both.

    and congrats... $25... RIGHT ON!

  8. This is darling! I just love that shirt fabric.

  9. I cna't believe I didn't comment on this! But I did tell you in person how much I love it. I even made you move it so people can see it better int he store. it's ADORABLE!!!!!!!! And so well made. Congratulations on the GC. WHat did you buy??


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