Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Tour {Corinnea's House}

I decorated a little bit last year but my heart wasn't in it. This year, for the first time in about 8 years, I decorated. I wanted to do more, but there's always next year right? 
 I love chandeliers. Decorating them is so fun. Jess found this garland for me at Michael's, I added some mini glass balls and a pearl garland given to me by a dear friend (thanks Vicki!).
 I bought a tree from Costco this year. This thing better last, just sayin. It comes pre-lit which is amazing. I also received an early gift from my hubby and Jess in the form of a new fireplace surround and mantel! You can see an old version of this area here. Huge improvement no? I kept meaning to do a big reveal but life just keeps happening.
 I love it. 
I love this room. 
No, it's not really cold enough for a fire but I don't care. 
 My tiny German village found a home on the top of my cabinets. I may leave it up for awhile. I'll add green rolling hills when spring comes. 
 I have these cool mirrors gifted to my by my mom in law. Jess accessorized it with my ridiculously heavy glass balls I collected in Germany. 
 I even pulled out the snow babies this year. Anyone else ever collect those? I guess I should have taken a closeup.... they are frolicking on top of the hutch.
 This is a favorite view of mine. I love the layers.
 For my dining room chandelier I placed two dowels across the opening and strung a million balls from them. I may leave these up year round too. 
 This wreath is new. I found it at Micheal's and embellished it with the ribbon and sparkly purple branch things. I strung small snowflake lights through it but forgot to turn them on for the photo. Target had a cute selection of battery lights this year. 
This is my view as I sit here and write. Well, except now my feet are propped on the table and the coffee is almost gone. 
Thanks for taking my little tour. 


  1. I love everything you did! It is beautiful! Love the fireplace mantle,they did a great job. Love seeing all your German things. You have a lot of beautiful decorations! Love that you have your beautiful home to decorate and enjoy. Guess I love it all, yes I do!!!

  2. It's SO pretty! Love your house!

  3. Corinnea I love everything! I especially like the comment about the tiny German village and adding the rolling hills later. Garmisch through the seasons, no? The fireplace is beautiful!!! One day I will have a big tree again... one day. Oh, and the balls under the dining room chandelier are probably my favorite thing you did. Very cool decorating!

  4. Can I move in, please???? I am very over my corgi fur college kids referre husband cat dander and general mess that is my place, I promise to be quiet. Your house is just beautiful!

  5. Can I move in, please???? I am very over my corgi fur college kids referre husband cat dander and general mess that is my place, I promise to be quiet. Your house is just beautiful!

  6. Looks beautimous. I see who won the "mantel war."

  7. It looks beautiful and magical. I ask Sherie tonight if I would be considered eccentric if I left my decorations up year round. My house is so much prettier with sparkles.

  8. Ooooh love your home and the festive touches. It looks so cosy and like you are somewhere cold and Christmassy. ;-)

  9. Beautiful! Yes, I collect Snow Babies too. I resisted for YEARS, but when I went to work for a store that sold them I could no longer resist! It's especially fun now that my granddaughter comes over and wants to study them each time!
    I love the heavy German ornaments! I'm always tempted by that style but they are too heavy for a tree. I have a few red ones in a glass vase- I think I'll hang them next year in front of the mirror too! And of course you can leave your village up all year! WE make the rules on this one!!! Thanks for sharing!


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