Thursday, December 8, 2011

Leather Shoes

While still in Germany, dreaming of what being a gramma would be like, I bought these shoes. I hoped Jess and Micah would like them. They were such a popular style but I didn't know any new walkers who were using them. They are amazing. It's hard to tell but Micah almost wore these out, before he out grew them. 
He wore them everywhere. 
I had some leather left over from a few projects and brow-beaten urged on by Jess decided to make a pair.
He wore them out and then he lost one.
This is the second pair.
For some reason he likes to carry his shoes when he is not wearing them. One day he carried a pair all over the back yard. 
He also tried to put my shoes away one day. 
He put them in his gramps closet.
Gramps may have thought it was a plot initiated by me to take over his closet. 
I love seeing people I love wearing things I've made them.
Look at all that chubbiness.


  1. Oh, the miles he will walk..........

  2. What a blessed little boy to have a gramma like you! Love the shoes story. And those chunky feet and legs are just yummy. I bet he is the funnest little guy to have around.

  3. Too cute! Maybe you should make some more of these and put them up on Etsy. Just a thought. :)

  4. Adrienne-- I've been trying to talk her into that!

  5. So cute! I really want to make shoes. I have the fabric and pattern - but it's pretty low on the sewing priority list.... These are really cute!

  6. these are so cute. I would kind of like a pair myself for wandering about the house in. They look comfy!

  7. So cute! Emily and Ava wore these leather shoes. One had bunnies on it and one had little flowers. You could totally make some girly Corinnea! It makes me happy to when people use the things I make. Totally different feeling than when you buy them something!


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