Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sweater Refashion

What do you do with a couple of sweaters that you've been hanging onto for a couple of years because the cable is really cute so you can't stand to throw them out??
I save them until inspiration hits (or I run out of room). This time inspiration hit first.
The little Mr. was growing out of his vest. 
He looked very, very cute in his vest. 
I cut away the general shape of the old vest.
Then cut off the neck and sleeve ribbing.
(That weird thing sticking out from under the table is Brinkley's forearm, he likes to lay under the table while we work)

I sewed everything back together, reusing the ribbing around the neck and armholes of the new vest. 
I gave it a little v-neck. I should have made the V a bit deeper but this will last for awhile.
The knit stretches a bit more than I expected but they're good for a couple of wears before Jess has to wash them again to get them back in shape. 
I gotta say, I think he looks incredibly handsome in them. 
I am his gramma though, so maybe I am biased.
He loves to go outside and say hello to the yard. I took these pictures last Sunday. 
See the flowers? 
Yes, it's still that warm here. 
Gramps sat him on the garden wall and he had to get down by himself.
It made him a wee bit angry.
Except for his diaper and socks, I made everything he is wearing in this picture.
It makes me happy.
Or is it just looking at him that makes me happy?
Hmm. Tell me what you think.


  1. Love the sweater. Love the boy. I can tell by just looking at him that he is so much fun. That face, his little fingers, his eyes, his mischievous little look on his face as he is standing on the wall. Love it all. Thanks for the boy up date.

  2. These pictures turned out fantastic! I LOVE them!

  3. The vests are super cute and a great repurposing job, you are so talented! But mostly, the pics just reeeeaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyy make me want to have him here with me, just post him to cal and we will have the most wonderful time, I love him!

  4. Had to start my morning looking at the boy again. I really love the picture where he is a wee bit angry!!!!!! I second what Sherie said, send him here! please!

  5. That's awesome! I have some old knit things my MIL made years ago that no longer fit and I cannot get rid of them. That is the perfect solution! (I'll get back to ya for some specifics!) Your "big boy" is wonderful.

  6. Corinnea!!!! He is SOOOO adorable!! I love the yellow sweater! I think I know what I'll be sending you in the next box... And WHY haven't you made him diapers and socks yet? Tsk tsk. ;)

  7. well, looking at him makes ME happy, so I'm guessing it's multiplied by about a bazillion for you, proud gramma :) It's so fulfilling to see your kids/grandkids wearing a whole ton of stuff you made, isn't it? And you get extra props for making that shirt and those shoes, which would definitely be the store bought components of this outfit if I was making it!

  8. Fab photos and a great idea. He's too cute (I don't know why but only the occasional blog posts from your blog are showing up on my blog roll so I keep missing all this good stuff!)

  9. OK, so you come up with really cute stuff all the time. But the vest thing is amazing. And the boy looks so stinkin' cute in them. He is a funny boy.


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