Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Have you made a bias skirt lately?

A quick revisit to Mum's tutorial from a few months ago... I needed more... these things are so comfortable and easy to make that it can be rather addictive. Mum did cut these out for me (and iron the hem...I hate doing that!) but other then that I did all of the sewing.... not that there was that much of it to do... 
 We added a lining in these since we were a tad worried about them being a touch see through. 
 Grey and Black will be much easier for me to wear through the winter.
Now if I could just figure out how to keep this booger from hanging off of them. 


  1. You look great Jess. Love the way the skirts fit so perfectly. That is the cutest little booger ever! Love that smile of his.

  2. Cute skirts. But tank tops? We are in sweaters and jackets.

  3. I love those skirts! And I can't believe how blond that baby is!!

  4. I'm afraid the skirt hanging-on is a way of life around here. I realized that I needed a yoga waist skirt in a size smaller than I otherwise might because otherwise my booger would pull it down!


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