Monday, December 19, 2011

Ornament Exchange Invitations

Corinnea-- Jessica, a friend and I had a party. We can't prove it because we did not take one single photo. 
Not. A. Single. One.
We were busy having fun.
Our only evidence are these invitations. 
Jessica-- To be fair we were busy having fun and trying to make sure our 30+ guests were also enjoying themselves... yes 30+ I think our final count was 35... in Mum's house! Awesome turn out, considering we invited over 60... yes we are crazy! So on to the invites...  
J - Remember that over 60 number? Well we had to make a lot of invites and we wanted them to be fun but most of all affordable. Since we had just shown you the cinnamon ornament recipe we thought it would be neat to include an ornament in the invite so we made a lot of little trees. We kept the rest of the invite pretty plain- just printed it on a heavy card stock and tied a tree at the top.  
C - The lovely little tree graphic is a Jessica original.
J - It's printed on a 2x3" mailing label that I cut the curved corners off of and then each invite was stuffed into a treat bags that we found in the $1 bin at Target. 
 C - The house was full of food and friends. Silly games were played. Ornaments chosen, stolen and chose again. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon.
J - Since we did the party potluck style we also included recipe cards in the invite, this time from the $1 bin at Michaels. So after the party my slave driver mother sent me home to work on a small gift to give out to everyone who attended.
 J -We just scanned in all of the recipe cards and then resized them and printed them up into a small book.
J - I think Mums first huge event at her house was a success... tomorrow we will be back with a tour of our holiday decorations. 


  1. Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, what is next? A debut on the Martha show? Party Planners? Your own show?

  2. How fun!! Awesome invites!!!!! Seriously!


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