Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Robes are awesome.

Are you ready for this? I sewed a robe for myself- Mum of course supervised the process heavily- BUT I cut it out and read the instructions and only had a few issues. 
 Mum's had this pattern forever... hopefully she will comment and tell us which it is because I can't remember, this is the 3rd robe made from the pattern. The fabric is Michael Miller Etta in Cinnamon which was purchased super cheap on Fabric.com forever ago.
 And if someone else was on top of showing you the thing that they sewed you would see that I am actually a copy cat and I only decided to make one after someone else made theirs first. 
 Mum and I really shouldn't be allowed to take pictures of each other in questionable clothing... we tend to get goofy
Or is it that I can't translate directions into facial expressions on cue... it could go either way 
All I know is it ended in her making fun of me. 


  1. Good job on the robe and fun post. I am enjoying the new blog, keep em coming....

  2. Haha! You guys are hysterical! I like the robe! That's something I hadn't thought about making for myself. :)


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